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Target your audience & drive sales with compelling content

As a content strategist, I elevate brands and businesses by finding their unique voice or refining it to target their audience.  I work with companies across various sectors including the travel and luxury lifestyle industry, design, information technology, telecom, transport and logistics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, healthcare and more.


While these industries may differ, all my clients are solving timely problems with innovative technology or industry-leading ideas and fill important niches in the market. I help them further position themselves as experts in the field, target the right audience and drive sales with bespoke content. 


I'll define or refine your brand voice to tell your story and drive your message on your website, in marketing copy, email campaigns, product descriptions and more. I also help international clients edit their English copy to a native level.



Pairing your brand voice alongside journalistic integrity and market research, I'll create company blogs that position you as a leader and feature strong call-to-actions. I also do ghostwriting for marketers and c-suite executives.


Looking to redefine your company voice? Or looking for a content and editorial strategy? Let's sit down and talk about where you are and where you want to go. I'll help you define your voice, come up with a content or SEO strategy, and give you tips on how to target your audience.

Website & Branding

I help companies who are repositioning or building from the ground up launch their new websites. I have a proven track record of building brands and creating concise, effective copy and strategies for positive customer journeys. You can also hire me to work alongside your web designers.

My strategy

I approach all my projects with the mind of a marketer and through the lens of a writer and journalist. What does that mean? Well, I'll always keep your overarching marketing strategy at the forefront, pushing the products, solutions and ideas that your team is promoting. But as your sales team knows, business is about people. So all of the copy, branding and blogging I do is for people — your target audience. With thorough market research, I'll craft bespoke content that speaks directly to them to drive sales.

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