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Leverage the power of video to tell your story & connect with your audience

Today video is one of the most engaging forms of media. People crave the authenticity of being up close and personal with your staff, seeing your product come to life, or watching your sponsored athletes. By leveraging the power of video, you can simultaneously tell a better story and appeal to your customers or clients in a whole new way. 


Whether you're looking to cover an important event, present yourself to the world with a Kickstarter or showcase a new product or service, I can help you bring your video to life. I'll guide you through the planning process - from figuring out the angle, interviews, storyboard and script - to editing and post production. I'll work alongside your marketing or communications team to drive the right message, but I'll also take care of the grunt work organizing the details of the shoot and directing on the day-of. Check out my process here below.


1.Define the story

Get in touch and let me know what kind of project you have in mind, as well as the story you want to tell. I can work on everything from Kickstarter campaigns to product reveals and event coverage.

2. Nail the angle

I'll sit down with you and your team and listen to everything you want to do and the message you want to get across. From there, I can help you narrow down the angle so that we can tell the best, most concise and engaging story for your audience. 

3. Script & Storyboard

From there, I'll go to the drawing board. I'll come up with a preliminary script and story outline that we can use as a framework for the day(s) of production. You and your team can review and approve this before we start.

4. Production 

On the day of your shoot, I'll be there directing and making sure we stay on time and that all the elements of your story are coming together. I can also edit and voice over your work or manage the videographer in their post-production process.

My strategy

My background is in tv news, so I approach my projects like a journalist. That means I always start by looking at two things: the angle and the audience. 


Keeping the viewer in mind, I'll help you drive your message by choosing the best interviewees, writing a script, and planning the best b-roll. My job is to take the pressure off your team, and I'll be there to guide you from the planning stage through post-production

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